Making big
problems small

Our work is built on the belief that consumers are not passive; enduring connections between brands and customers, developed in brand communities, leads to increased market share, long-term revenue growth, high-barriers to entry for competitors, and substantial customer goodwill and trust. We execute our philosophy unlike any Agency in existence - pioneering what will ultimately become the future of our industry.


Today's consumers make decisions without the influence of advertising. Consumers are connected, well-informed and significantly immune to yesterday's tried and true formulas. Their use of media, social networks, and communications, enable them to make buying decisions, share information, and influence others, faster than you (the company) can adapt. Revenue growth is about increasing the depth and strength of your brand's connections. We help you connect.


In every medium and every campaign we undertake, we seek ways to bring together customers and brands to develop brand communities based upon penetrating insights about the needs of customers. These communities embrace a shared system of beliefs that not only resonates with existing brand loyalists, but also motivates them to become brand advocates. You Engage.


The reality is that prosperity is a two way street. Capitalism is built on a very simple foundation - those who create wealth for others are rewarded themselves. Great things happen when brands connect and engage customers - companies are richly rewarded for the value they create, and the lives of customers are enriched by the deep satisfaction companies provide. Everybody prospers.


We proudly represent businesses and business models of all types and sizes. What we're most interested in are great brands, visionaries, people who really want to change the world for the better and enrich everyone's lives. We're looking for clients that want to be big and successful. Clients we can grow with.


From plumbing to spaceships, our history is diverse and not centered around niche advertising. We proudly represent businesses and business models of all walks of life. We believe that this gives us a sincere edge in our holistic approach since it can be practiced in any industry. Moreover, through these experiences we are able to continually refine strategies that deliver prosperity.


The Del Monte team truly enjoys their work, and appreciates the hard work that generates results. At the core of any campaign or project is the idea of having fun while doing it. That is not to say that the path that is ahead won't have some bumps, but it's important that we collaboratively look forward to the end result and appreciate the hurdles that got us there.


Real results start with a solid commitment to great work. To accomplish this goal, we believe that leading boldly, taking risks, and accepting responsibility is the key for achieving greatness. We realize doing great work alone doesn't guarantee success. Thus, we believe that true greatness is only as good as the results they achieve.


No amount of novelty, innovation, or the act of being different is an excuse for not being able to achieve real measureable results. The key to prosperity hinges on this very notion that great work defines the desired end state that provides the greatest outcome for all the stakeholders. We see the world as Vince Lombardi did, "Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will all be judged by only one thing -- the result."

How we’re mixed

We believe in a simple approach embodied in a famous quote of Abraham Lincoln, "If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe." Every campaign developed by our Agency begins by building a solid foundation based on sound strategy, vigorous research, detailed planning, and breakthrough ideas necessary to understanding what engages and excites customers.

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Market Research, Opinion Analysis, Market Testing
  • Media, Communications, and Public Relations Planning
  • Branding and Identity Development

Our agency provides a "custom bundled" multi-discipline service platforms which are tailor-made to suit the needs of each client. These platforms are built around ideas, not departments, and provides for greater top management involvement, a flexible team structure, and a depth of relevant experience. The result is faster idea flow, increased productivity, and enhanced communi cation. In short, we're changing what it means to work with an Agency.

  • Traditional Execution (Print, Radio, Television)
  • Media Management (Buying & Measurement of traditional and online media channels)
  • Non Traditional Execution (We love viral and "crazy fun" campaigns just ask us!)
  • Digital/Online Execution (Websites, Mobile, Social Media, streaming media, games, and more!)

Most agencies lead on their creative - pretty pictures and clever TV commercials. Picasso probably figured it out best when he said, "Art is the lie that brings us closer to the truth." Creative is more than pretty pictures - you have to understand the "brand truth" and communicate it effectively.
Don't get us wrong, we definitely know how to make pretty pictures. We are fine artists - we can work in any medium. We get your audience emotionally involved with a rational thought by engaging them in way that makes the message stick. We make it simple. We make it memorable. We make it inviting to look at. We make it fun to read.

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